Even een snel berichtje met wat foto's van 1 van de support trucks die met ons mee gaat en onze bagage en (bij geval van een ernstig mankement) onze fiets meeneemt. David Eggleston (tevens ROAM-rijder) schreef het volgende.

We have modified the bed of the Dodge Ram 3500 1-ton truck for ROAM. Locking the tailgate down we extend the bed from 8 to 10 ft in length, with lockable doors. We built a false floor so we can carry bags below the floor and up to two Quests inside as well. That capacity is augmented by the 2-VM trailer. The two Quests and baggage can be locked inside the bed, making it difficult to see or disturb them when the rig is parked. A few photos enclosed.

ROAM support truck (Dodge Ram 3500 - 1)

ROAM support truck (Dodge Ram 3500 - 2)

ROAM support truck (Dodge Ram 3500 - 3)

ROAM support truck (Dodge Ram 3500 - 4)